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WWE RAW matches CONFIRMED by Adam Pearce for 08/01/24

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WWE fans are in for a treat as the January 8th edition of WWE RAW, under the guidance of RAW General Manager Adam Pearce, promises to deliver an electrifying experience.

Pearce, known for his knack (in kayfabe) for setting up thrilling matches, has announced two highly anticipated bouts that are sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats.

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WWE RAW Kofi Kingston vs Ludwig Kaiser: A High-Octane Showdown

The first match to look forward to is between Kofi Kingston and Ludwig Kaiser. Kingston, a fan favourite known for his high-flying moves and charismatic presence, is set to take on the formidable Ludwig Kaiser.

This match is expected to be a high-energy encounter, showcasing Kingston’s agility and Kaiser’s technical prowess.

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WWE RAW JD McDonagh vs The Miz: A Clash of Personalities

Another exciting match announced is between JD McDonagh and The Miz. McDonagh, with his ruthless in-ring style, will face The Miz, a veteran known for his cunning and charismatic persona.

This match is anticipated to be a strategic battle, with both competitors bringing their unique styles to the fore.

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The Return of CM Punk

Adding to the excitement, the show will also mark the return of CM Punk to RAW. His comeback is highly anticipated by fans and wrestlers alike, and it’s expected to add an extra layer of drama to the evening’s proceedings.


  • What matches has Adam Pearce confirmed for WWE RAW on 08/01/24?
    • Kofi Kingston vs Ludwig Kaiser
    • JD McDonagh vs The Miz
  • What special event is happening on this edition of WWE RAW?
    • The return of CM Punk to RAW.
  • Who is the General Manager of RAW?
    • Adam Pearce.
  • What is expected from the match between Kofi Kingston and Ludwig Kaiser?
    • A high-energy encounter showcasing Kingston’s agility and Kaiser’s technical skills.
  • What makes the JD McDonagh vs The Miz match special?
    • It’s a strategic battle between McDonagh’s ruthless style and The Miz’s cunning persona.
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