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WWE RAW could potentially SWITCH NIGHTS after new rights deal

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In a surprising turn of events, WWE Raw might be on the brink of a significant scheduling shift. The wrestling world is abuzz with speculation after recent comments from key industry figures suggest that WWE RAW could potentially move from its traditional Monday night slot.

Endeavor and TKO CEO, Ari Emanuel, recently shed light on the ongoing WWE media rights negotiations. One of the most significant revelations from these discussions is the potential return of SmackDown to the USA Network. This move is scheduled for October 2024 and is part of a five-year domestic media rights partnership.

Given that the USA Network currently hosts both NXT and WWE Raw, this has led to increased speculation about the future scheduling of WWE Raw.

At the Bloomberg Screentime Conference, Emanuel was candid about the possibility of changing the day of broadcast if it meant securing a more favourable deal.

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WWE RAW Day Change: The Value Proposition

Emanuel highlighted the unique value proposition that WWE brings to the table. Unlike traditional sports, WWE doesn’t have an off-season.

This year-round schedule means that WWE doesn’t face the same scheduling challenges as other sports. He emphasised, “You want us Thursday night? Do you want us on Tuesday night? I don’t have any of those scheduling issues and that churn issue because we’re the full year.”

This flexibility, combined with the loyalty of WWE fans, makes the franchise a valuable asset for broadcasters. Fans stick around, and they’re willing to adjust their schedules to follow their favourite wrestling events.

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Interest in WWE RAW

With the rights for WWE Raw up for grabs in 2024, there’s a lot of interest in the show. Emanuel commented on the buzz around Raw, dispelling rumours about NBC’s lack of interest.

He also touched upon the reasons behind the stock fluctuations, mentioning the perceived value of Raw, the P.F.L. situation, and Vince McMahon’s potential future plans for his stock.

WWE President, Nick Khan, also chimed in on the matter. He spoke about WWE’s ongoing relationship with NBCUniversal and hinted at the debut of multiple WWE special events annually on NBC.

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  • Is WWE Raw moving from its Monday slot?
    • While nothing is confirmed, recent comments from industry figures suggest that a move is possible based on ongoing negotiations.
  • When is SmackDown returning to the USA Network?
    • SmackDown is scheduled to return to the USA Network in October 2024.
  • What makes WWE a unique proposition for broadcasters?
    • WWE’s year-round schedule, lack of an off-season, and the loyalty of its fanbase make it a valuable asset for broadcasters.
  • What did Ari Emanuel say about the potential move?
    • Emanuel indicated openness to switching days if it means getting a better deal for WWE.
  • How has the stock market reacted to these developments?
    • There have been fluctuations in stock value due to various factors, including the perceived value of Raw and other internal matters.

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