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WWE RAW Ratings: Viewership confirmed for 11/12/23 episode

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The latest episode of WWE RAW, which aired on 11th December 2023, has seen a notable shift in its viewership and demographic ratings.

According to data from Wrestlenomics, the episode drew an audience of 1.466 million viewers, marking a decrease from the previous week’s 1.533 million.

This figure represents the lowest total viewership for the show since 20th November, indicating a fluctuating trend in the program’s popularity.

WWE RAW Ratings: Viewership Trends and Challenges

WWE RAW faced stiff competition from two Monday Night Football games broadcast on ABC and ESPN, which likely contributed to the dip in viewership.

The allure of live sports events, particularly football, often poses a significant challenge to other forms of entertainment broadcasting during prime time slots.

Demographic Ratings: A Closer Look

In terms of demographic ratings, WWE RAW scored a 0.46 rating in the coveted 18-49 age group.

This is a slight decrease from the previous week’s 0.49 rating and is the lowest since 13th November. Demographic ratings are crucial for television programs as they are used by advertisers to determine the value of advertising slots.

WWE RAW Ratings: Highlight of the Episode

The episode featured a significant moment in WWE storytelling, with CM Punk deciding to sign with Monday Night Raw.

This development led to a face-to-face encounter with World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, culminating in CM Punk entering the 2024 Men’s Royal Rumble match.

The segment itself got a major jump in viewership, but it wasn’t enough to bring up the average for the night.

WWE RAW’s 2023 Ratings Overview

WWE RAW’s ratings in 2023 have shown a pattern of ups and downs, reflecting the dynamic nature of television viewership and the challenges faced in maintaining a consistent audience.

The fluctuating numbers can be attributed to various factors, including competition from other programs, storyline quality, and audience engagement strategies.

The Impact of Competition and Storytelling

The competition from live sports events, particularly NFL games, has a significant impact on WWE RAW’s viewership. The program’s ability to retain and attract viewers also heavily depends on the strength and appeal of its storylines and characters.

Engaging narratives and compelling characters are essential in keeping the audience invested week after week.


  • What was the viewership for WWE RAW on 11th December 2023?
    • The episode drew 1.466 million viewers.
  • How did this viewership compare to the previous week?
    • It was a decrease from the previous week’s 1.533 million viewers.
  • What was the demographic rating for the 18-49 age group?
    • The episode scored a 0.46 rating in the 18-49 demographic.
  • Why might the viewership have decreased?
    • The decrease could be attributed to competition from two Monday Night Football games.
  • What was a key feature of the 11/12/23 episode?
    • CM Punk decided to sign with Monday Night Raw and confronted Seth Rollins.
  • How important are demographic ratings for TV programs?
    • They are crucial for determining the value of advertising slots.
  • What challenges does WWE RAW face in maintaining viewership?
    • Challenges include competition from other programs and the need for engaging storylines.
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