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WWE RAW Ratings: Viewership for the 13/11/23 Episode REVEALED

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The latest episode of WWE RAW aired on 13th November 2023, witnessed a noticeable drop in viewership. According to Wrestlenomics, the episode attracted 1,467,000 viewers, marking a decline from the previous week.

This figure also came with a .44 rating in the coveted 18 to 49 demographic. The decrease in numbers is a point of interest for fans and analysts alike, considering the dynamics and content of the episode.

WWE RAW Ratings: Key Highlights of the Episode

The episode, held in Washington DC, did not add any new matches to the Survivor Series card but was significant for other reasons.

A major highlight was Drew McIntyre‘s much-anticipated heel turn, a moment that has been brewing for some time and finally came to fruition. This turn of events is expected to have significant implications for future storylines and character dynamics within WWE.

In addition to McIntyre’s heel turn, the episode featured other noteworthy moments. The Judgment Day faction welcomed a new member, JD McDonagh, adding more depth to their storyline.

Shinsuke Nakamura delivered an intense segment that reignited hopes among fans for a potential CM Punk return. These segments, while engaging, seemingly weren’t enough to keep the viewership numbers from sliding.

Comparison with Previous Episodes

To put these figures into perspective, it’s helpful to look at the viewership trends over the past few weeks. The November 6th episode drew 1,522,000 viewers, slightly higher than the latest episode.

Going further back, the October 30th episode had an average of 1.390 million viewers, impacted by competition from Monday Night Football and the MLB World Series.

The October 23rd episode attracted 1,476,000 viewers, and the October 16th season premiere saw 1.483 million viewers tuning in.

These fluctuations highlight the competitive nature of television ratings and the challenges faced by WWE RAW in maintaining a consistent viewership base.

WWE RAW: Analysis of the Viewership Drop

Several factors could be contributing to the viewership drop for the 13/11/23 episode. The absence of new matches for the Survivor Series might have played a role, as major event build-ups typically draw higher interest.

Additionally, the competition from other sporting events and entertainment offerings cannot be overlooked. WWE RAW operates in a highly competitive environment where viewer attention is constantly being vied for by various forms of entertainment.


  • What was the viewership for the WWE RAW episode on 13/11/23?
    • The episode attracted 1,467,000 viewers.
  • How did this viewership compare to the previous week?
    • There was a decrease in viewership compared to the previous week.
  • What were the key highlights of the episode?
    • Key highlights included Drew McIntyre’s heel turn and new developments in The Judgment Day faction.
  • Has WWE RAW’s viewership been fluctuating in recent weeks?
    • Yes, the viewership has shown fluctuations over the past few weeks.
  • What might be the reasons for the viewership drop?
    • Factors could include the absence of new matches for the Survivor Series and competition from other sporting events and entertainment offerings.
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