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WWE RAW: MULTIPLE NXT Superstars appearing on the show tonight (Spoiler)

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The landscape of WWE RAW is set for an exciting shake-up as multiple NXT superstars are slated to make their presence felt on the show tonight.

The November 6th episode, broadcasting live from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, is expected to continue the recent trend of NXT talent crossing over to the main roster.

NXT’s Meta-Four Set to Shine on WWE RAW

The buzz within the wrestling community is palpable as the NXT faction known as the Meta-Four are expected to be heading to the building tonight, according to a new report from PWInsider.

This group comprises the dynamic Lash Legend, the formidable Jakara Jackson, the agile Oro Mensah, and the current NXT Heritage Cup Champion, Noam Dar.

Their potential appearance on RAW is not just a routine crossover; it carries significant implications. Noam Dar is scheduled to defend his title against Akira Tozawa on NXT the following night, which adds an intriguing layer to this development.

With Tozawa also set for a match against Shinsuke Nakamura on RAW, the stage is set for potential storylines that could weave into the title defence.

WWE RAW: Main Roster Debuts and Speculations

For three of the Meta-Four members, this marks a major milestone as they seemingly make their main roster debut. Noam Dar, however, is no stranger to the RAW audience, having been a part of the cruiserweight division in 2016 and 2017.

The question on everyone’s mind is whether this appearance will be a one-off or if it signals a more permanent move for any of the faction members.

While it’s common for NXT stars to feature in matches during the pre-RAW Main Event tapings, the collective appearance of a faction like Meta-Four suggests that their involvement will be more significant than a mere warm-up act.

The Creed Brothers and Ivy Nile: Will They Return?

Last week’s RAW saw the Creed Brothers make a successful main roster debut with a victory over Alpha Academy. As of now, there’s no confirmation on whether they, along with Ivy Nile, will appear again on tonight’s show.

Fans are keenly awaiting updates, as their presence last week added a fresh dynamic to the show’s proceedings.


  • Who are the NXT superstars appearing on WWE RAW tonight?
    • The NXT faction Meta-Four, consisting of Lash Legend, Jakara Jackson, Oro Mensah, and Noam Dar, are set to appear.
  • Will Noam Dar be competing on RAW?
    • There’s no official word on whether he will compete, but his presence is linked to his upcoming title defense on NXT.
  • Is this the first main roster appearance for the Meta-Four?
    • Yes, for three of its members. Noam Dar has previously competed on RAW.
  • Could this appearance lead to a permanent move to the main roster for any NXT stars?
    • While possible, there’s no confirmation at this time. Such transitions often depend on the storylines and audience reception.
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