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WWE RAW Superstar undergoes MAJOR neck fusion surgery

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Erik, one half of the formidable WWE RAW tag team, The Viking Raiders, has undergone a significant C6/C7 neck fusion surgery.

Erik, who has been conspicuously absent from the ring since mid-September, broke the news to his fans and followers on his official Instagram page.

In his heartfelt post, he expressed profound gratitude to Dr Cordover and the dedicated team at Andrews Sports Medicine and St Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham, AL. He also extended his appreciation to WWE for ensuring he received top-tier medical care.

In his own words, Erik stated, “C6 / C7 fusion surgery was successful and recovery begins now. I’m excited for all the possibilities once my cybernetic upgrades come fully online.”

WWE RAW Superstar Erik: The Road to Recovery

While the exact timeline for Erik’s return remains uncertain, the wrestling world is rallying behind him, wishing him a swift and complete recovery.

Neck injuries, especially of this magnitude, can be career-threatening for professional wrestlers. However, with advancements in medical procedures and the indomitable spirit of fighters like Erik, there’s hope for a triumphant return.

The Viking Raiders’ Legacy

Together with his partner Ivar, Erik forms The Viking Raiders, a tag team that has left an indelible mark on WWE. Their unique blend of raw power, agility, and unmatched chemistry has made them fan favourites.

This recent setback is just another challenge in their storied journey, and fans worldwide are eagerly awaiting their next chapter.


  • Who is Erik?
    • Erik, whose real name is Raymond Rowe, is a professional wrestler currently signed with WWE. He is one half of the tag team, The Viking Raiders, alongside Ivar.
  • What is neck fusion surgery?
    • Neck fusion surgery, specifically C6/C7 fusion in Erik’s case, is a procedure that joins selected bones in the neck. It’s typically done to stabilise the neck after an injury or to alleviate chronic neck pain.
  • When can we expect Erik’s return to WWE?
    • The exact timeline for Erik’s return is uncertain. Recovery from such surgeries varies from individual to individual. However, Erik seems optimistic about his recovery, as indicated in his recent Instagram post.
  • How long has Erik been with WWE?
    • Erik, along with his partner Ivar, has been a prominent figure in WWE for several years, making significant impacts and winning numerous accolades.
  • Where did Erik undergo his surgery?
    • Erik underwent his surgery at Andrews Sports Medicine and St Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham, AL.
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