WWE RAW: Title feud segment cut from this week’s show

WWE RAW Live Event

Image Copyright @WWE

This week’s episode of WWE RAW was reportedly set to have a title feud segment that would eventually end up being cut.

According to a recent report from Fightful Select, Theory and Mustafa Ali were scheduled to have a segment this week that got changed.

“We’re told that WWE United States Champion Theory and Mustafa Ali were set for a segment on WWE Raw, but it ended up getting nixed before the show” the site revealed.

“The reason that we were given was due to time constraints, and there were no alternative plans made for Ali for the program. 

“There was a mention of Theory possibly helping the beatdown on Cody, but that didn’t end up happening” Fightful concluded.

WWE RAW Cut Segment

There’s no reason given as to why the company decided to cut the segment, but we do expect a match to still be taking place at the Hell in a Cell event in just over two weeks.

WWE are still massively high on Theory, so it’s unlikely that we will see Mustafa Ali win the belt and become the defacto biggest Champion on WWE RAW.

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