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WWE Releases: Who are the latest WWE wrestlers to be released from the company?

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The world of professional wrestling can be absolutely brutal, and WWE is no different when it comes to the way it releases talent.

Superstars across NXT, RAW and SmackDown can be released by the company at a moment’s notice, with WWE often opting to let a number of personnel go in a single wave.

Although the hiring and release process appears to have changed somewhat since the retirement of Vince McMahon back in July 2022, we have still seen a number of wrestlers get released from their contracts this year, namely those who were part of the NXT UK brand in August 2022.

A huge amount of talent was let go by WWE between 2020 and mid-2022, with ’˜budget cuts’ being cited as the main reason, despite the company managing to draw record profits during this time.

This trend continued into 2022, with mass releases in April 2022 before the closure of NXT UK in August. Since then, there hasn’t been the same level of releases from the company, but that could change towards the back end of the year.

Who got released in WWE in 2022?

We update this page regularly, whenever WWE decides to make releases. This is the story so far for today and every day in 2022:

December 2022

  • Mandy Rose

November 2022

Per PWInsider, the following names have been released from NXT:

  • Bodhi Hayward
  • Sloane Jacobs
  • Erica Yan
  • Damaris Griffin
  • Ru Feng

August 2022

  • Amale (Released August 18)
  • Mark Andrews (Released August 18)
  • Dave Mastiff (Released August 18)
  • Millie McKenzie (Released August 18)
  • Ashton Smith (Released August 18)
  • Jack Starz (Released August 18)
  • Flash Morgan Webster (Released August 18)
  • Wild Boar (Released August 18)
  • Sha Samuels (Released August 18)
  • Kenny Williams (Released August 18)
  • Dani Luna (Released August 18)
  • Sam Gradwell (Released August 18)
  • Nina Samuels (Released August 18)
  • Rohan Raja (Released August 18)
  • Saxton Huxley (Released August 18)
  • Amir Jordan (Released August 18)
  • Tyson T-Bone (Released August 18)
  • Trent Seven (Released August 18)
  • Sid Scala (Released August 18)

July 2022

  • Paige (Contract expired)

June 2022

  • Troy “Two Dimes” Donovan (Released June 12)

May 2022

  • Candice LeRae (Contract expired, has since rejoined the company)

April 2022

  • Nash Carter (Released April 6)
  • Kushida (Contract expired)
  • Dakota Kai (Released April 19, has since rejoined the company)
  • Malcom Bivens (Released April 29)
  • Harland (Released April 29)
  • Persia Pirotta (Released April 29)
  • Sanjana George (Released April 29)
  • Draco Anthony (Released April 29)
  • Mila Malani (Released April 29)
  • Raelyn Divine (Released April 29)
  • Dexter Lumis (Released on April 29, has since rejoined the company)

February 2022

  • Brian Kendrick (Released February 1)
  • Shane McMahon (Released February 2)
  • Cesaro (Contract expired)

January 2022

  • William Regal (Released January 5)
  • Road Dogg (Released January 5)
  • Timothy Thatcher (Released January 5)
  • Danny Burch (Released January 5)
  • Hideki Suzuki (Released January 5)
  • Samoa Joe (Released January 5)

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WWE Releases FAQ: How does it work?

Are WWE Superstars classed as employees?

WWE does not class its superstars on RAW, SmackDown or NXT as employees, instead they are signed as independent contractors.

This has been a bone of contention for quite some time, as although the wrestlers can technically perform for any company, this of course would not happen as their status with WWE would likely be affected.

With WWE superstars not being classed as employees, they usually do not get the benefits of contracted employees such as paid leave, medical etc.

It is not likely this will change anytime soon, but it is still a hot topic amongst fans and those within the industry. 

How long before released WWE Superstars can show up in AEW, IMPACT or NJPW?

Released WWE and NXT Superstars usually have a non-compete clause as part of their contract, meaning that they cannot appear on another television major promotion during that time.

The actual length of the non-compete all depends on what sort of contract the wrestler signed with WWE, although it is generally believed that NXT Superstars have a 30-day non-compete as standard and those on the main roster have a 90-day non-compete.

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