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WWE Rumors: WHY Cora Jade has not yet returned to action

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The world of professional wrestling, particularly WWE, is rife with speculation and rumors, especially regarding the absence of its stars. One such star, Cora Jade, has been noticeably absent from the ring, leading to various theories and conjectures.

A recent claim from a user named bruins35 on Discord has sparked a new wave of discussion. According to this “source,” Cora Jade’s absence is due to her still recovering from a breast augmentation surgery.

Cora Jade WWE Return: The Origin of the Rumor

The rumor about Cora Jade’s absence began circulating on various social media platforms, with Discord being the primary source.

Bruins35, a user on the platform, claimed that Jade is waiting for her “b**bs to fully heal” following surgery, which while a pretty crude way of saying it could indicate why she has not yet returned.

Cora Jade and WWE’s History with Cosmetic Surgery

WWE, as an entertainment company, has a history of its performers undergoing cosmetic surgeries. These procedures are often personal decisions made by the wrestlers themselves, sometimes influenced by the aesthetics-driven nature of the industry.

However, WWE has evolved over the years, with a greater emphasis on in-ring skills and athleticism over mere appearance, especially in the Women’s division.

It was reported back in August that Cora had been taken off of programming for augmentation, with the WWE Superstar posting new images on Instagram that appeared to confirm the rumours.

Whether or not this is the genuine reason for her not yet returning to WWE programming remains to be seen.


  • What is the source of the rumor about Cora Jade’s absence?
    • The rumor originated from a user named bruins35 on Discord, claiming that Jade is recovering from breast augmentation surgery.
  • Has WWE commented on Cora Jade’s absence?
    • As of now, WWE has not officially commented on the specific reasons for Cora Jade’s absence.
  • How long does recovery from such surgery typically take?
    • Recovery times can vary, but it generally takes several weeks for full healing after breast augmentation surgery.
  • Is it common for WWE performers to undergo cosmetic surgery?
    • While not uncommon, such decisions are personal and vary from performer to performer.
  • When can fans expect Cora Jade to return?
    • The exact timeline for Cora Jade’s return is uncertain and depends on her recovery and WWE’s assessment of her fitness for competition.
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