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WWE rumoured to be making MASSIVE cuts to Main Roster talent

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In a shocking turn of events, the wrestling world is abuzz with the news that WWE is on the brink of making significant cuts to its main roster and NXT talent.

This comes in the wake of the recent merger between WWE and UFC, leading to the formation of TKO Group Holdings, a new entity under the ownership of Ari Emanuel’s Endeavor Group.

Earlier this week, the merger between WWE and UFC was officially announced, birthing TKO Group Holdings. This merger has already seen significant changes at the top, with WWE CFO and President, Frank Riddick III, confirming his departure by the end of the month.

This has led to speculations and rumours about further exits and reshuffles within the company.

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Internal Communication from WWE Reveals the Gravity

An internal email from WWE President Nick Khan has shed light on the imminent changes. In his communication, Khan has asked employees to work remotely, hinting at “workforce reductions” that are set to take place.

The email emphasises the company’s commitment to handling these changes with utmost respect and privacy.

Khan expressed gratitude towards the company’s dedicated workforce, acknowledging the difficulty of such decisions.

The email reads: “Our company is home to the most talented, creative, and hard-working employees in the world. WWE is a special place, which makes moments like this difficult. Just know that we have nothing but gratitude and admiration for everyone we have had the privilege to work alongside.”

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WWE: Anticipated Talent Cuts

While the internal communication primarily addressed the workforce at the Stamford headquarters, the wrestling community is rife with speculations about potential talent cuts.

Sources have confirmed to Haus of Wrestling that “major cuts” to the WWE main roster and NXT brand are on the horizon. Although the exact timing of these cuts remains uncertain, it’s believed they have been in the pipeline for a while.

There’s also speculation that Endeavor might first focus on laying off employees at the Stamford headquarters and delay the talent releases.

This strategy could be to manage public relations, spacing out the negative press that inevitably accompanies such decisions. However, it’s equally possible that both employee and talent releases could transpire simultaneously.

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The Road Ahead

The merger and the subsequent changes it brings are undoubtedly monumental for the world of wrestling. While the exact implications of these changes remain to be seen, the wrestling community will be watching closely.

The talent cuts, in particular, will have a significant impact on the landscape of professional wrestling, potentially reshaping the future of WWE and its brand.

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