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WWE are being VERY SECRETIVE regarding MASSIVE Superstar’s injury

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The WWE and wrestling world was left in suspense after the main event of SummerSlam. Roman Reigns faced off against his cousin, Jey Uso.

While Reigns emerged victorious with the assistance of Jimmy Uso, it wasn’t without cost. The aftermath of the match left fans and insiders alike questioning the extent of Reigns’ injury.

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WWE SummerSlam: Speculations and Confirmations

Sean Ross Sapp, a reputable source from Fightful, confirmed that Reigns sustained an injury during the SummerSlam match.

However, the WWE remains unusually quiet about the entire situation. This silence has only fueled speculations and concerns among fans and industry insiders.

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WWE: Early Injury Reports

The Wrestling Observer shed some light on the situation, reporting that Reigns might have been injured early on in his match against Jey Uso.

This revelation was further confirmed by Fightful Select. Despite the injury, Reigns is still on the schedule for the upcoming WWE Smackdown this Friday.

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Reigns’ Future Appearances

Post SummerSlam, there were whispers that Reigns wasn’t scheduled for any WWE TV episodes in the forthcoming months.

Yet, sources have confirmed that Reigns is indeed slated for this Friday’s Smackdown. As of now, there’s no indication that he’ll be missing any of his internally scheduled appearances.

However, the unpredictable nature of injuries means that plans can change at any moment.

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WWE: Official Stance?

Despite numerous inquiries, the company has yet to provide an official statement regarding Reigns’ condition.

Interestingly, some insiders within the Smackdown creative team were reportedly unaware of the injury until news broke out on Tuesday.

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