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WWE signs BIG FIRST-EVER deal with the NFL

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In a groundbreaking move, WWE has inked a multi-year licensing agreement with the NFL, marking a significant collaboration between two of the most prominent entities in the world of sports and entertainment.

This partnership will bring forth a unique blend of the two giants’ identities. Fans can anticipate WWE legacy title belts inspired by all 32 NFL teams.

These belts will not only symbolise the prowess of the respective teams but will also showcase their official branding and colours. Such a merger of identities is a testament to the mutual respect and admiration these two organisations have for each other.

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WWE and NFL: A First of Its Kind

While WWE has ventured into similar collaborations in the past, this is the first time they’ve joined forces with the NFL.

Their previous partnerships include themed championship belts with the MLB in 2021 and custom side plates for SEC teams in 2022. However, this recent alliance with the NFL is unparalleled in its scope and potential impact.

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Available for the Fans

For those eager to get their hands on these exclusive belts, they are now available for purchase. Fans can find them on the official online stores of both WWE and NFL, as well as on

This accessibility ensures that supporters from both sides can proudly flaunt their allegiance.

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The Deep-rooted Connection

The bond between WWE and the NFL isn’t a recent phenomenon. Paul Levesque, popularly known as Triple H, once shed light on the intrinsic connection between the two.

He reminisced about encounters with athletes who, upon seeing the WWE championship belt, expressed their admiration and desire to hold what has become a symbol of ultimate victory.

This sentiment underscores the universal appeal of the championship belt, transcending the boundaries of individual sports.

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The Bigger Picture

This collaboration is more than just a business deal. It represents the convergence of two worlds, each with its own set of passionate followers.

By merging their identities, WWE and the NFL are not only catering to their existing fan bases but are also creating avenues for new fans to engage with both brands.

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