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WWE SmackDown Ratings: Show sees MASSIVE DROP for FS1 episode (24/11/23)

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The WWE SmackDown viewership experienced a significant decline for its November 24th episode, which aired on FS1.

This episode, crucial as the go-home show before the highly anticipated Survivor Series, garnered a viewership of 789,000, as reported by WrestleNomics, a stark contrast to its usual numbers on the Fox network.

WWE SmackDown Ratings: The Impact of the Network Switch

The switch to FS1 for this particular episode played a pivotal role in the viewership drop. Traditionally, SmackDown episodes air on Fox, where they enjoy a broader audience base.

The November 17th edition of WWE SmackDown, for instance, brought in an overnight viewership average of 2.22 million, with 792k in the 18 to 49 demographic, up 15% from the previous week’s average.

WWE SmackDown: Key Highlights of the Episode

Despite the drop in numbers, the November 24th episode was not short on content. It marked the return of Kevin Owens to the blue brand, following the end of his suspension.

The episode also laid the groundwork for the Survivor Series, with a particular focus on the women’s WarGames match.

Additionally, there was a notable change in the lineup for Survivor Series, with Dragon Lee replacing Carlito in his match against Santos Escobar.

Viewership Trends Leading Up to the Episode

Examining the viewership trends leading up to the November 24th episode provides further context. The November 10th episode of WWE SmackDown brought in an overnight viewership of 2.090 million, with a .52 in the 18 to 49 demographic.

The November 3rd episode, also aired on FS1, drew an overnight viewership of 2.017 million, with 648K in the same demographic.

These figures indicate a fluctuating pattern in viewership, influenced by various factors including network changes.


  • Why did WWE SmackDown’s viewership drop on November 24th?
    • The viewership drop is attributed to the episode airing on FS1, a network with a smaller audience base compared to Fox.
  • What was the viewership number for the November 24th episode?
    • The episode drew 789,000 viewers.
  • What were some key highlights of the November 24th episode?
    • Key highlights included Kevin Owens’ return, the build-up to the women’s WarGames match, and a lineup change for Survivor Series.
  • How did the viewership of this episode compare to previous weeks?
    • The viewership was significantly lower compared to previous weeks, with the November 17th episode drawing 2.22 million viewers.
  • What impact does the network switch have on WWE SmackDown’s viewership?
    • Switching to a network like FS1, which has a smaller reach than Fox, typically results in a noticeable drop in viewership.
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