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WWE SmackDown Ratings: Early Overnight Viewership for 05/01/24

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The latest WWE SmackDown episode, aired on January 5th, 2024, marked a significant uptick in viewership, showcasing the enduring appeal of the wrestling entertainment giant.

The New Year’s Revolution special episode captivated audiences, drawing an impressive overnight average of 2.33 million viewers, with a notable 0.6 rating in the coveted 18 to 49 demographic.

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WWE SmackDown Ratings: Viewership Surge

This recent episode’s success represents a substantial increase from the previous week’s best of episode, which had garnered an average of 1.32 million viewers.

The upward trend in viewership is a testament to WWE‘s ability to continually engage its audience with fresh and exciting content.

The New Year’s Revolution special stood out with its high-octane performances and storyline developments.

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WWE SmackDown: Key Highlights of the Episode

One of the episode’s highlights included the return of AOP and Paul Ellering, who joined forces with Karrion Kross and Scarlett.

Additionally, the main event featured Roman Reigns dominating the triple threat match, which determined his challenger for the Undisputed Universal Title at the Royal Rumble.

These moments were pivotal in drawing viewers and maintaining high engagement throughout the broadcast.

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Comparative Analysis of Recent Episodes

Looking at the viewership trends, the December 15th episode had drawn an overnight viewership of 2.154 million, with 667k in the 18 to 49 demographic.

The December 8th episode attracted 2.29 million viewers, while the December 1st episode saw an average of 1.952 million viewers.

These figures indicate a fluctuating but generally strong viewership for WWE SmackDown, underscoring its status as a staple in sports entertainment.


  • What was the viewership for the January 5th episode of WWE SmackDown?
    • The episode attracted an overnight average of 2.33 million viewers.
  • How did this compare to the previous week’s episode?
    • It showed a significant increase from the previous week’s 1.32 million viewers.
  • What were some key highlights of the New Year’s Revolution special?
    • The return of AOP and Paul Ellering, and Roman Reigns’ victory in the main event were major highlights.
  • What is the significance of these ratings for WWE?
    • The ratings indicate a strong start to 2024, showcasing WWE’s ability to maintain and grow its audience.
  • What does the future hold for WWE SmackDown in 2024?
    • With consistent high-quality content, WWE SmackDown is expected to continue its success throughout the year.
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