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WWE SmackDown Superstar has been SUSPENDED

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SmackDown general manager Nick Aldis has made a significant decision regarding Kevin Owens. This decision follows a series of events that unfolded during the November 10th edition of SmackDown, leading to a (storyline) suspension that has become a hot topic.

Kevin Owens was serving as a commentator during the show as Corey Graves is at home with his wife Carmella and their newborn child.

However, a stipulation was in place – if Owens got physical with any of the WWE stars competing that night, he would face suspension.

The show was progressing without incident until Grayson Waller and Austin Theory decided to antagonise Owens, culminating in them pouring water over his head. This provocation led Owens to leave the commentary table and engage in a brawl with the duo. This action, though seemingly provoked, was a direct violation of the stipulation set earlier, leading to Owens’ suspension by Nick Aldis in a backstage segment.

Nick Aldis’s Reaction and Statement on WWE SmackDown Superstar

Nick Aldis, the SmackDown general manager, took to Twitter to express his views on Owens’ actions.

His tweet, accompanied by a photo of him holding Owens’ commentary tie, reflected a mix of disappointment and the gravity of the situation.

Aldis’s message was clear – Owens’ actions, regardless of provocation, were not in line with the expectations set for him.

Implications for WWE SmackDown

This suspension of Kevin Owens is not just a storyline development; it has broader implications for WWE SmackDown.

Owens, a key player in the show, brings a unique energy and fan following. His absence, even if temporary, could impact the dynamics of the show and the storylines involving other wrestlers.

It also opens up opportunities for other wrestlers to step into the spotlight and fill the void left by Owens.


  • What led to Kevin Owens’ suspension?
    • Owens was suspended for getting physical with other WWE stars, breaking a stipulation set for him during his role as a commentator.
  • Who suspended Kevin Owens?
    • SmackDown general manager Nick Aldis made the decision to suspend Owens.
  • What was Nick Aldis’s reaction to the incident?
    • Aldis expressed disappointment and seriousness about the situation on Twitter, emphasizing the breach of rules by Owens.
  • Will Kevin Owens’ suspension affect WWE SmackDown?
    • Yes, Owens’ suspension could impact the show’s dynamics and storylines, given his significant role and fan base.
  • Is this suspension part of a storyline?
    • Yes, the suspension is part of the ongoing storylines in WWE SmackDown, which are essential for creating drama and viewer engagement.
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