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WWE SmackDown Superstar REACTS to The Rock getting TKO role

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In a recent development that has stirred the WWE community, Grayson Waller, a prominent figure in WWE SmackDown, has publicly reacted to Dwayne ‘The Rock‘ Johnson’s appointment to the board of directors of TKO Group Holdings, WWE’s parent company.

Waller’s reaction, which he shared on X (formerly Twitter), was a mix of surprise and humour, as he posted, “Wait! Is Dwayne my boss now?” accompanied by a GIF of Dwight from “The Office” looking confused.

WWE News: Grayson Waller’s Social Media Banter with The Rock

This isn’t the first time Waller and The Rock have interacted on social media. Previously, Waller had claimed that his debut at Madison Square Garden was more significant than The Rock’s.

He even went as far as to mock The Rock’s debut outfit, which Johnson himself once described humorously as “an arts and crafts ring outfit from Michael’s.”

The Rock, known for his sharp wit, responded to Waller’s remarks with his trademark blend of humour and sarcasm.

WWE News: The Rock’s Influence in WWE

The Rock’s appointment to the board marks a significant moment in WWE history. Not only does it bring one of the most iconic figures in wrestling back into the fold in a major way, but it also coincides with the announcement of WWE Raw moving exclusively to Netflix starting January 2025.

Furthermore, it was revealed that Johnson now holds full ownership of the trademark on “The Rock” ring name, cementing his legacy and ongoing influence in the wrestling world.


  • What was Grayson Waller’s reaction to The Rock’s appointment?
    • Waller humorously questioned if The Rock is now his boss, sharing a GIF for comedic effect.
  • Have Waller and The Rock interacted before?
    • Yes, they have traded barbs on social media, with Waller once claiming his debut was bigger than The Rock’s.
  • What significant change is coming to WWE Raw?
    • WWE Raw will move exclusively to Netflix beginning January 2025.
  • Does The Rock now own the trademark for his ring name?
    • Yes, The Rock has secured full ownership of the trademark on “The Rock” ring name.
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