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WWE are testing a BRAND NEW match concept

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WWE is reportedly experimenting with a fresh match format, tentatively titled ‘WWE Speed’. This innovative concept was first observed during the SmackDown taping on December 15, where it added a unique twist to the pre-show matches.

‘Speed’ distinguishes itself by introducing a five-minute timer for matches, a significant departure from traditional wrestling bouts.

This time constraint is expected to bring a new level of intensity and urgency to the matches. The concept was showcased in matches featuring wrestlers from various brands and the free agent pool, with the ‘Speed’ logos prominently displayed around the ring.

WWE Speed: A Glimpse into the Future

During the SmackDown taping, fans witnessed NXT star Nathan Frazer go head-to-head with Raw’s Bronson Reed under the Speed format.

Another match saw NXT’s Axiom face off against Cedric Alexander, currently a WWE free agent. These encounters were not only filmed but also featured commentary from Corey Graves and Kevin Patrick, indicating a level of production akin to broadcasted WWE events.

Speculations and Possibilities

While the exact purpose of the branding remains unclear, it’s speculated that it could be for a new show or simply an innovative element for dark matches.

If it evolves into a secondary taped show, it might follow in the footsteps of WWE Main Event, which is known for featuring NXT talent in pre-show matches.

The Impact on Wrestlers and Fans

This new format could offer a platform for emerging talent to showcase their skills in a high-pressure environment, potentially leading to more dynamic and unpredictable matches. For fans, it promises a faster-paced, action-packed viewing experience, different from the traditional WWE offerings.


  • What is WWE Speed?
    • Speed is a new match concept being tested by the concept, featuring five-minute timers and matches between wrestlers from different brands and the free-agent pool.
  • Where was Speed first introduced?
    • It was first observed during the SmackDown taping on December 15.
  • Who participated in the matches?
    • Notable participants included NXT star Nathan Frazer, Raw’s Bronson Reed, NXT’s Axiom, and WWE free agent Cedric Alexander.
  • Is WWE Speed going to be a new show?
    • While it’s not confirmed, there’s speculation that WWE Speed could evolve into a secondary taped show, similar to WWE Main Event.
  • What makes WWE Speed different from traditional matches?
    • The key difference is the introduction of a five-minute timer, creating a more intense and fast-paced wrestling experience.
  • Will WWE Speed feature regular talent?
    • It’s likely to feature a mix of talent from various WWE brands, including emerging stars and free agents.
  • How can fans watch Speed matches?
    • Details about the broadcasting or streaming of Speed matches are yet to be confirmed.
  • Will Speed affect the current programming?
    • It’s too early to tell, but WWE Speed could either become a part of existing programming or emerge as a standalone show.
  • Is WWE Speed a permanent addition to the company?
    • As it’s currently in the testing phase, the permanence of WWE Speed in WWE programming is still uncertain.
  • How has the fan reaction been to WWE Speed?
    • Initial reactions are mixed, with excitement for the new format and curiosity about how it will integrate into the broader experience.
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