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WWE wants to partner with ANOTHER MAJOR Japanese company

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In a bold move that underscores its global ambitions, WWE is reportedly setting its sights on a new partnership with a major Japanese wrestling company.

This development comes as WWE continues to expand its international footprint, aiming to collaborate with STARDOM, one of Japan’s foremost joshi (women’s) pro wrestling organisations.

WWE: Expanding Global Reach

WWE’s interest in STARDOM, as reported by Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, marks a significant step in the company’s strategy to enhance its global presence.

This potential partnership follows WWE’s recent deal with All Japan Pro Wrestling and its history of collaborations with various international promotions, including ECW, OVW, NJPW, and numerous UK companies.

Strategic Partnerships in Pro Wrestling

WWE’s approach to partnerships has been multifaceted, involving both talent exchanges and collaborative events.

A notable example includes sending Shinsuke Nakamura to Pro Wrestling Noah for a match as part of The Great Muta’s retirement tour.

These partnerships have not only enriched WWE’s offerings but also provided a platform for showcasing diverse wrestling styles and talents from around the world.

The Significance of a WWE-STARDOM Collaboration

The potential partnership with STARDOM is particularly noteworthy. STARDOM, known for its high-calibre joshi wrestling, shares a parent company, Bushi Road, with NJPW.

This connection could pave the way for more intricate and mutually beneficial collaborations between WWE and the Japanese wrestling scene.

It could also prove to be a major issue for independent promotions in the region, just ask the giants of British wrestling how that went in the late 2010s…


  • What is STARDOM?
    • STARDOM is a leading joshi pro wrestling company in Japan, known for its high-quality women’s wrestling matches.
  • Has WWE collaborated with Japanese companies before?
    • Yes, WWE has a history of partnerships with Japanese wrestling companies, including NJPW and All Japan Pro Wrestling.
  • What could a WWE-STARDOM partnership mean for wrestling fans?
    • A partnership could lead to new and exciting matchups, talent exchanges, and a richer, more diverse wrestling experience for fans.
  • Is the partnership between WWE and STARDOM confirmed?
    • As of now, WWE has expressed interest, but no official confirmation of a partnership has been announced.
  • How could this partnership impact wrestlers in both organizations?
    • Wrestlers could benefit from increased exposure, cross-promotional opportunities, and the chance to engage with a broader audience.
  • What is WWE’s goal in seeking partnerships with international companies?
    • WWE aims to expand its global presence, diversify its talent pool, and offer a more varied and rich wrestling experience to its audience.
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