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WWE Superstar is being given A LOT OF FREEDOM

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, WWE Superstar Santos Escobar is making headlines with his newfound autonomy within the company.

This development comes as a significant shift for Escobar, who has recently embarked on a solo journey, showcasing his skills and charisma in the WWE arena.

Santos Escobar’s Journey to Independence in WWE

Santos Escobar, a name synonymous with talent and determination in WWE, has recently taken a bold step in his career. After leaving the LWO (Legado del Fantasma) on SmackDown, Escobar’s path took a dramatic turn.

His departure from the group was marked by a notable incident where he turned on Rey Mysterio following Mysterio’s loss of the United States Championship to Logan Paul at WWE Crown Jewel.

Escobar’s transition to a solo career has been nothing short of remarkable. He has embraced his role as a heel on SmackDown, demonstrating his prowess by overcoming formidable opponents like Carlito, Rey Mysterio, former LWO stablemate Joaquin Wilde, and Dragon Lee.

This shift has not only highlighted his in-ring abilities but also his capacity to engage and captivate the WWE audience.

The Freedom to Grow and Excel

In a recent conversation on the Wrestling With Freddie podcast, Escobar opened up about his aspirations and the freedom he’s been granted by WWE: “I hope that I get more, but I’m already doing a lot of stuff that I wasn’t doing six months ago. They’re giving me a lot of freedom, and all this effort that I’m putting into it, it’s paying off, and I’m just glad it’s happening.”

Escobar’s dedication to self-improvement is evident. He has invested time in training his acting skills, understanding that this aspect significantly enhances his performance and storytelling in the ring.

His efforts have not gone unnoticed, as WWE has provided him with considerable freedom to explore and express his character more fully.

This freedom is a testament to Escobar’s hard work and the trust WWE places in him. It’s a rare opportunity that allows a wrestler to have a significant say in their portrayal and storyline, and Escobar is making the most of it. His goal is clear: to continue improving and to be a vital part of major WWE events, with sights set on WrestleMania.

Escobar’s Impact on WWE

Santos Escobar’s journey in WWE is a compelling story of growth, resilience, and ambition. His transition from a group member to a standout solo performer has been seamless, marked by significant victories and memorable moments.

His recent advancement in the United States Championship tournament on SmackDown, with a win over Dragon Lee, is a clear indicator of his rising trajectory in the company.

Escobar’s newfound freedom within WWE is not just about his in-ring performance; it’s about his overall presence and impact on the brand.

He represents a new era of wrestlers who are not just athletes but well-rounded entertainers, capable of captivating audiences with their athleticism, charisma, and storytelling.


  • Who is Santos Escobar? Santos Escobar is a professional wrestler currently performing in WWE.
  • What significant change has occurred in Santos Escobar’s wrestling career? He has transitioned from a group member to a solo performer and has been given considerable freedom in his role.
  • What was a turning point for Escobar on SmackDown? Escobar’s turning point was when he left the LWO and turned on Rey Mysterio.
  • How is Escobar making the most of his freedom in WWE? He is focusing on self-improvement, particularly in acting and promo skills, to enhance his in-ring storytelling.
  • What are Santos Escobar’s aspirations in WWE? Escobar aims to continue growing as a performer and hopes to be a significant part of major WWE events, including WrestleMania.
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