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Latest on WWE supposedly “purchasing” TNA

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There have been a ton of rumours regarding TNA and some of the big moves that they have been making over the past few months.

In a recent promo video, it was revealed that the company would be referring to PPV events going forward as “Premium Live Events.”

Considering that WWE has been calling their big shows “Premium Live Events” for the recent past on Peacock and WWE Network, fans have been putting two and two together and seemingly getting five; mainly connecting the dots and assuming that the TKO-owned company would be purchasing TNA.

TNA has been doing a pretty stellar job of pumping up this return to being Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, but one of our more tenured sources with access to people in WWE has said that at this point, there is apparently no likelihood of the company purchasing the former number 2 company in North America: “Rumours running rampant of TNA x WWE, lots of talk on purchasing it, I asked, was told WWE is not purchasing TNA” is exactly how it was phrased.

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Is TNA being bought by WWE?

Whether or not we could see TNA working alongside WWE in some capacity going forward remains to be seen, but it would certainly be beneficial for Scott D’Amore’s company.

It’s worth noting that this is the information we have as it stands RIGHT NOW and that there is always a chance that this changes at some point if it makes sense for both parties.

A World’s Collide-styled show would be pretty cool to see, something that Viper suggested on Twitter:

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