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MAJOR Lawsuit could cause MASSIVE issues for WWE

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The wrestling world is abuzz with the news of a significant antitrust lawsuit against UFC, which could have far-reaching implications for WWE.

The lawsuit, which was initiated in 2014, alleges that UFC suppressed wages, underpaying approximately 1,200 fighters between 2010 and 2017, despite the substantial profits the company was raking in.

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Details of the UFC Lawsuit

U.S. District Judge Richard Boulware has given the green light for the lawsuit to proceed by granting it class-action status, according to a new report from Reuters.

Eric Cramer, the lead attorney representing the fighters, highlighted a stark contrast in payment structures. He pointed out that while UFC fighters receive only 20% of event revenues, other major sports, including boxing, pay their athletes well above 50%.

On the other hand, UFC’s legal representative, William Isaacson, has labelled the lawsuit as both “legally and factually meritless.”

The fighters are not holding back in their claims, seeking damages ranging from $811 million to a staggering $1.6 billion from Zuffa, UFC’s parent company.

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Implications for WWE

Dave Meltzer recently shed light on the potential repercussions for WWE on Wrestling Observer Radio. He suggested that if the UFC lawsuit goes to trial and the fighters emerge victorious, it could pave the way for similar legal actions against WWE.

The core argument would revolve around the “abuse of monopoly powers to suppress salaries.”

Given WWE’s recent global success, including record-breaking events like SummerSlam, and its significant profit margins, such a precedent could be detrimental.

If the court rules that UFC employed abusive tactics as the market leader to underpay fighters, WWE might find itself in hot water for similar practices.

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WWE: Current Legal Landscape

WWE is no stranger to legal battles. The company is currently entangled in a lawsuit with Major League Wrestling (MLW), accusing WWE of “egregious anticompetitive behaviour” spanning several years.

With the UFC class action potentially heading to trial, MLW might find itself in a more favourable position.

WWE has publicly addressed the MLW lawsuit, expressing confidence in its stance and asserting that it will “defend itself vigorously.”

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The Merger Complicates Matters

In a twist to the tale, both UFC and WWE are on the brink of a merger, planning to unite under the banner of “TKO” in September.

This development adds another layer of complexity to the situation. The UFC lawsuit, if not settled, could pose even more significant challenges for WWE, especially in the context of the impending merger.

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