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WWE has “HEAVY INTEREST” in signing HUGE free agent

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The wrestling world is abuzz with the news that WWE is reportedly showing a “heavy interest” in signing the high-flying and highly talented free agent Will Ospreay.

With his contract with New Japan Pro Wrestling set to expire in February 2024, speculation is rife about where this top-tier talent will land next.

WWE: Pursuit of a High-Caliber Talent

Ospreay, who has dazzled audiences worldwide with his in-ring prowess, particularly in New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW), has become one of the most sought-after free agents in the wrestling industry.

His recent matches in AEW have only fanned the flames of speculation, with many fans initially assuming AEW would be his next home. However, WWE’s interest adds a new layer of intrigue to the narrative.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has previously noted WWE’s interest in Ospreay, and recent reports suggest that the company has made preliminary overtures.

This interest marks a significant shift in WWE’s talent acquisition strategy, reflecting a broader trend of the company seeking to diversify its roster with internationally recognized stars.

The Open Field for Ospreay

The field for Ospreay’s signature is wide open. AEW, WWE, IMPACT Wrestling/TNA, and NJPW are all potential destinations.

Ospreay’s recent commendations for IMPACT Wrestling, where he competed in several matches, indicate that he has a positive view of the promotion.

Meanwhile, sources from NJPW have expressed a desire to retain Ospreay, though they anticipate it might not be on a full-time basis as it currently stands.

Fightful Select recently reported that there was “heavy interest” from WWE’s side for the IWGP UK Champion, noting: “WWE has shown heavy interest and sources within the company claim that there have been conversations and contact between the two sides, though those close to Ospreay would not confirm as such.”

Wrestler’s Market: The Freedom of Choice

Ospreay’s situation highlights the evolving landscape of professional wrestling, where athletes have more freedom and bargaining power than ever before.

With multiple promotions vying for their services, wrestlers like Ospreay can leverage their marketability to secure contracts that offer not just financial rewards but also creative satisfaction and work-life balance.

Social Media Stirrings

Adding to the excitement, Ospreay’s recent Twitter interaction with WWE star Seth Rollins has fans and pundits alike speculating about potential dream matches.

These social media exchanges, while not definitive indicators of a business move, certainly help to keep the wrestling community engaged and guessing.


  • When does Will Ospreay’s current contract expire?
    • Ospreay’s contract is set to expire in February 2024.
  • Which wrestling promotions are interested in signing Will Ospreay?
    • WWE, AEW, IMPACT Wrestling/TNA, and NJPW have all shown interest in Ospreay.
  • Has WWE made any official moves to sign Ospreay?
    • There have been reports of preliminary overtures from WWE, indicating a strong interest in signing him.
  • What does Will Ospreay think about IMPACT Wrestling?
    • Ospreay has spoken highly of IMPACT Wrestling after working a couple of matches for the promotion.
  • Could Ospreay stay with NJPW?
    • While NJPW sources would love to keep Ospreay, they do not see it being on a full-time basis as it is currently.
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