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WWE Superstar shows off massive Nintendo 3DS collection

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In a delightful revelation for gaming enthusiasts, WWE Superstar Xavier Woods, a prominent member of The New Day, has recently showcased his extensive Nintendo 3DS collection.

Known for his prowess in the ring, Woods has also carved out a niche for himself as an avid gamer, with a particular fondness for Nintendo’s offerings.

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Xavier Woods: The WWE Gamer Behind the Wrestler

Xavier Woods, while achieving significant success in WWE as a tag team specialist, particularly with The New Day, has always harboured a deep passion for gaming.

This love for video games spans across various platforms, including Sony, Xbox, and Nintendo. Woods has never shied away from expressing his enthusiasm for gaming, integrating it into his public persona.

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A Glimpse into the Collection

Taking to Twitter, Woods shared a photo of his entire physical Nintendo 3DS collection. The image revealed an impressive array of games, showcasing the depth of his interest in Nintendo’s handheld gaming console.

This collection, a veritable mountain of games, highlights Woods’ dedication as a collector and gamer.

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Woods’ Gaming Journey

Xavier Woods’ journey as a gamer is as fascinating as his wrestling career. His love for gaming is not just a pastime but a significant part of his life.

Whether it’s engaging in battles in the ring or immersing himself in the virtual world of gaming, Woods demonstrates a remarkable commitment to his passions.

The Impact of Gaming on Woods’ Career

The intersection of Woods’ wrestling career and his gaming hobby presents a unique blend of physical prowess and digital entertainment.

His gaming interests have undoubtedly contributed to his popularity, resonating with fans who share similar passions.


  • Who is Xavier Woods?
    • Xavier Woods is a WWE Superstar and a member of The New Day, known for his achievements in tag team wrestling.
  • What did Xavier Woods recently showcase?
    • He showcased his massive Nintendo 3DS collection on Twitter.
  • Is gaming a significant part of Woods’ life?
    • Yes, gaming has been a lifelong passion for Woods, and he actively engages with various gaming platforms.
  • How does Woods’ gaming interest affect his wrestling career?
    • His love for gaming adds to his persona and popularity, especially among fans who are also gaming enthusiasts.
  • Does Woods focus on any particular gaming platform?
    • While he enjoys various platforms, his recent showcase of the Nintendo 3DS collection highlights his particular interest in Nintendo games.
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