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WWE Superstars get matching Pokemon tattoos to celebrate YouTube success

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In a delightful blend of wrestling and pop culture, WWE stars Zelina Vega and Dakota Kai have marked a significant YouTube milestone in a unique way.

The duo, known for their prowess in the ring, have recently ventured into the realm of digital content creation, amassing a substantial following on YouTube.

Their channel, a mix of wrestling insights and personal interests, recently hit the 15,000 subscriber mark, a feat they decided to celebrate with matching Pokémon tattoos.

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Zelina Vega: A Rising Star in and out of the WWE Ring

Zelina Vega, who made a triumphant return to WWE in 2022, has been on a steady ascent not just in wrestling but also as a YouTube personality.

Her channel reflects her diverse interests, ranging from anime to video games, earning her the nickname “boujee weeb.” Vega’s passion for pop culture is evident in her content, which resonates with a wide audience.

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Dakota Kai Joins the Celebration

Dakota Kai, another prominent figure in WWE, joined Vega in this unique celebration. The pair set a goal for their YouTube channel and upon reaching it, they decided to get tattoos as a symbol of their achievement.

In a video shared on Vega’s Instagram, they documented their experience, choosing Pokémon-themed tattoos to mark the occasion. Kai opted for a Vulpix tattoo, while Vega chose a Seal design.

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A Milestone to Remember for the WWE Superstars

Expressing gratitude to their subscribers, Vega hinted at future milestones, raising the question of what they might do when they hit 20,000 subscribers.


  • What did Zelina Vega and Dakota Kai do to celebrate their YouTube milestone? They got matching Pokémon tattoos.
  • What are the specific Pokémon tattoos that Vega and Kai chose? Vega got a Seal tattoo, while Kai chose a Vulpix design.
  • How many subscribers did their YouTube channel reach? They celebrated reaching 15,000 subscribers.
  • What is Zelina Vega known for outside of wrestling? She is known for her YouTube channel, which features content related to anime and video games.
  • Has Zelina Vega secured her future with WWE? Yes, she recently inked a long-term deal with WWE.
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