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Zelina Vega talks Street Fighter 6 role

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WWE Superstar Zelina Vega was confirmed as a commentator for Street Fighter 6, and she discussed her new role in the game recently.

Speaking on Out of Character with Ryan Satin, Vega described how her role in the game came together and how she is like the ‘Michael Cole’ of SF6.

“They said I’m like the Michael Cole of the game” Vega revealed. “So basically, when the game starts, you get to pick, there’s the real-time commentators, which is one of me.

“There’s two people you can choose from, and there’s the other commentators, who are more on the technical stuff. They’ll tell you this specific move at this time with this amount of power. They know all the stats. Me, I’m just more of the screamer and the reactions” Vega added.

Zelina Vega Street Fighter 6

“But what’s funny is they saw me doing commentary for one of Andrade’s matches, and that’s what made them go, ’˜We want that.’ Actually, rewinding past that, they see me cosplay Vega, and they’re like, ’˜Oh, she’s a fan.’ Then it was like Vega cosplay to then seeing me on commentary for Andrade’s matches, and then they were like, ’˜Okay, we want her'” Zelina revealed.

Vega would also discuss getting the chance to go to Capcom’s headquarters in Japan: “When I was in Japan, I got to go to the Capcom headquarters, which was mind-blowing, and just to be with the people there that, first of all, are the coolest people ever and in charge of everything, whether it’s the directors or the creators, the people that came up with the styles and everything, just insanely nice people.

“Then I see the game in its entirety, which, I think only three people actually have, and I’m one of those people, so it’s really cool. And ince I saw everything, I’m like, ’˜this game is insane.’ It’s not just what people think it is. There’s so much more to it. Everyone’s gonna be super shocked in the best way” Vega concluded.

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