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WWE Superstar Calls CM Punk a FANTASTIC Person and Wants Him to Return

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The wrestling world is abuzz with the recent developments surrounding CM Punk, the former AEW star. While many are speculating about his next move, one WWE superstar has openly expressed her desire for Punk to make a return to the WWE ring.

Zelina Vega, a prominent figure in WWE, has publicly voiced her hope for CM Punk’s return during an interview with Newsday.

She has been quoted saying that there are numerous reasons she’d like to see Punk back, not just for her own sake but for the fans as well.

Vega’s relationship with Punk has always been positive, and she emphasises the importance of forming one’s own opinions about people rather than relying on hearsay. In her words, Punk has “always been a fantastic person.”

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CM Punk: Delving Deeper into Personal Relations

Vega’s connection with Punk isn’t just professional. She has always maintained a fantastic rapport with him.

She believes that people often get caught up in superficial perceptions of others, but she prefers to understand the core of a person. This perspective is evident in her interactions with Punk, whom she describes as genuine and authentic.

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The Mysterious ‘X’ Tweet

After the news broke that Punk was let go by AEW, Vega tweeted an intriguing red ‘X’ symbol. Fans were quick to speculate that this might be a sign of support for Punk.

However, Vega clarified that the tweet was in reference to the jacket worn by her LWO teammate, Rey Mysterio, at WWE Payback: “To me, Punk’s been nothing but great. So will the ‘X’ be meaning putting an ‘X’ on Dominik’s face, and CM Punk? It absolutely can be, because, I’m a big supporter of him. And he’s always been that way for me.”

The jacket featured an ‘X’ over Dominik Mysterio’s face. Despite this, Vega did acknowledge her support for Punk, stating that he has always been supportive of her.

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Past Connections and Support

It’s worth noting that Punk has been a vocal supporter of Vega in the past. When Vega faced challenges with WWE over her Twitch streaming account, Punk was one of the first to stand by her side.

Additionally, Punk is known to be close to Vega’s real-life husband and AEW star, Malakai Black.

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The Road Ahead for CM Punk

The future remains uncertain for CM Punk. With his departure from AEW, there’s much speculation about whether he’ll return to WWE or explore other avenues.

While many top WWE stars might have reservations about his return, there’s no denying the potential financial benefits of such a move.

The final decision, however, rests in the hands of WWE’s top brass, including figures like Paul Levesque (Triple H) and Nick Khan.

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