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WWE Superstar is reportedly “NOT a priority” to Creative

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Zelina Vega, once a prominent figure in the WWE, has recently seen a shift in her positioning within the company.

Despite receiving significant attention leading up to her RAW Women’s Title match against Rhea Ripley at Backlash, her momentum seems to have slowed down. The

reason? According to a seasoned member of the WWE creative team, Vega is currently “not a priority over the other women at the forefront at the moment,” as claimed by Ringside News.

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The LWO and Vega’s Role in WWE

While Vega might not be the focal point for singles matches, she remains an integral part of the LWO (Latino World Order).

She continues to make regular television appearances, and her popularity with the fans remains undiminished. WWE acknowledges her appeal, as evidenced by the spotlight the LWO receives, with Vega sharing in that limelight.

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A Glimpse of Vega’s Strength

It’s worth noting that WWE portrayed Vega in a strong light during her match against Rhea Ripley at Backlash.

Contrary to some expectations, WWE decided against a quick defeat for Vega. Instead, fans were treated to a competitive bout in Puerto Rico, where Vega showcased some of her signature moves.

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Potential Storylines on the Horizon

There’s a brewing narrative involving Elektra Lopez, who has expressed interest in challenging Vega. This stems from Vega replacing Lopez alongside Legado De Fantasma upon their promotion to SmackDown.

The foundation for this storyline is already laid out, and it’s up to WWE to decide if and when they’ll pursue it.

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Vega’s Journey and Future Prospects

Zelina Vega’s journey in WWE has been eventful. After a turbulent exit linked to unionisation discussions, she made a return and even managed to retain her presence on Twitch, a platform where she enjoys a successful career. This was a significant move, considering WWE’s stance on its talents engaging with third-party platforms.

Fans and critics alike are keen to see how WWE will handle Vega’s character moving forward. Will her current run surpass her previous stint with the company? Only time will tell.

However, one thing is clear: Vega remains a talent with immense potential, and her journey in WWE is far from over.

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