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WWE officially announces Rey Mysterio 20th Anniversary celebration

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The former multi-time World Champion Rey Mysterio is a pro wrestling legend, having entertained the fans for decades now. He will officially be celebrating his 20th anniversary in WWE in the Madison Square Garden edition of Monday Night RAW on July 25.

WWE officially announced the special edition for Rey Mysterio

The show is set to be a big night on the company’s calendar and is set to host a celebration of one of the most iconic and legendary stars in its history.

It is quite interesting that It will also be celebrated on the same date that Mysterio made his WWE debut against Chavo Guerrero. The company celebrated the 20th anniversary of stars such as Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton and John Cena either on WWE TV or getting mentioned over on social media. The anniversary celebration is now set to take place on MSG for the legendary masked luchador.

Dave Meltzer recently discussed the idea of the company finally turning Dominik heel on the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and giving the fans a major swerve from expectations.

‘For the 7/25 Raw in MSG, Riddle & Street Profits vs. Reigns & Usos is the announced main event. That doesn’t mean it will happen, but in MSG, it’s probably more likely than another arena. The show is also being pushed at the 20th anniversary of Rey Mysterio in WWE.”

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Bishal Roy