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WWE OnlyFans: Former Superstars who have accounts

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The world of professional wrestling is ever-evolving, not just inside the ring but also in how wrestlers engage with their fan base outside of it. With the advent of platforms like OnlyFans, several past and current WWE superstars have found a unique way to connect with their audience, offering exclusive content that ranges from personal interactions to special photoshoots.

This article delves into the journeys of five such wrestlers who have embraced OnlyFans, each with their own unique story.

Zelina Vega: A Trailblazer in the Digital Realm and WWE OnlyFans

Zelina Vega, known for her dynamic presence in WWE, ventured into OnlyFans under the pseudonym “Megan Minx.” Launching her account in October 2020, Vega offered her fans a chance to engage with her through exclusive videos and photos, focusing on cosplay, lingerie, and swimsuit content.

However, her move to OnlyFans initially led to her release from WWE due to a policy against third-party platform engagements.

Vega’s situation highlighted the evolving landscape of wrestler autonomy in digital spaces. She later rejoined WWE in July 2021, marking a significant turn in her professional journey.

Mandy Rose: WWE OnlyFans

Mandy Rose’s journey took a different turn when her adult photos from her FanTime page leaked online, leading to her release from WWE in December 2022.

Rose then transitioned to OnlyFans, where she found considerable success, surpassing her earnings as a WWE wrestler.

Her experience underscores the potential of digital platforms to offer financial and personal freedom, allowing her more time with her family and a happier personal life.

Chelsea Green: Balancing Wrestling and Online Presence

Chelsea Green’s wrestling career has been a rollercoaster, marked by a main roster debut on SmackDown and an untimely injury.

After her release from WWE in April 2021, Green opened an OnlyFans account while competing in Ring of Honor. However, her return to WWE in 2023 came with a condition – she had to deactivate her OnlyFans account.

Green’s story is a testament to the choices wrestlers face between their in-ring career and their digital presence.

Scarlett Bordeaux: A Top Performer on OnlyFans

Scarlett Bordeaux, released from WWE in November 2021, quickly became a top content creator on OnlyFans, ranking in the top 0.04%.

Her success on the platform was short-lived, as her return to WWE in August 2022 meant she had to shut down her account.

Bordeaux’s experience highlights the balancing act between leveraging online platforms and adhering to company policies.

Toni Storm: Embracing Digital Freedom

Toni Storm, after feeling underappreciated by WWE, sought her release in December 2021 and subsequently launched her OnlyFans account.

Her success was immediate, earning a major amount in her first weekend. Storm’s story is one of empowerment, finding both financial success and a sense of appreciation that she felt was lacking in WWE.


  • What is OnlyFans? OnlyFans is a content subscription service where creators can earn money from users who subscribe to their content.
  • Why did these WWE stars turn to OnlyFans? They sought a platform to connect with fans on a more personal level and to find financial independence outside the wrestling ring.
  • Did WWE’s policy affect their OnlyFans activities? Yes, WWE’s policy initially restricted wrestlers from engaging with third-party platforms like OnlyFans, but this policy has since evolved.
  • Can wrestlers be both in WWE and on OnlyFans? This depends on individual contracts and WWE’s evolving policies regarding third-party platforms.
  • What kind of content do these wrestlers post on OnlyFans? The content ranges from exclusive photoshoots, personal interactions, to special videos, often tailored to their fan base’s interests.
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