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Vince McMahon: HUGE update on if he will be at WWE SummerSlam 2023

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The wrestling world has been buzzing with speculation about Vince McMahon and his presence at the much-anticipated WWE SummerSlam 2023 event.

The latest update has finally shed light on the matter, and fans might be in for a surprise.

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Vince McMahon: Recent WWE Appearances

Since his return to WWE in January, the CEO has been a regular backstage presence at several major WWE events. Notably, he was backstage during both nights of the grand WrestleMania 39.

His involvement in these events had led many to believe that he would surely make an appearance at SummerSlam.

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McMahon’s Health Concerns

However, recent reports have raised concerns about McMahon’s health. Last week, news broke that McMahon had undergone a significant spinal surgery.

Following this procedure, WWE officially declared him on medical leave, leaving his status for SummerSlam up in the air.

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Vince McMahon: SummerSlam 2023 Status Revealed

According to PWInsider, the WWE CEO is not slated to be present at the SummerSlam event taking place at Ford Field in Detroit.

While the thought of McMahon travelling post his ‘life-altering’ surgery might seem far-fetched to many, it’s essential to remember the indomitable ‘spirit’ of Vince McMahon.

There were even whispers within the company that some expected him to make a surprise appearance in Detroit, despite his recent surgery, so make of that what you will.

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