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Will SmackDown be on Netflix UK?

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In a groundbreaking move that is set to redefine the viewing habits of professional wrestling fans across the United Kingdom, Netflix has clinched a deal to become the new home of all WWE content in the UK, starting from January 2025.

This strategic partnership marks a significant shift in the way WWE content, including the highly popular SmackDown, will be consumed, moving away from traditional platforms to the streaming giant’s expansive digital library.

The Netflix and WWE SmackDown Partnership

The collaboration between Netflix and WWE heralds a new era for wrestling entertainment in the UK. With this deal, Netflix will exclusively air Monday Night Raw, alongside SmackDown, NXT, and WWE premium live events within the UK territory.

This move not only broadens the accessibility of WWE content but also ensures that fans have a one-stop destination for all their wrestling needs, including WWE documentaries, original series, and upcoming projects, all under the Netflix umbrella.

What This Means for SmackDown Fans in the UK

For fans of SmackDown in the UK, this announcement is a game-changer. Starting in 2025, viewers will no longer need to navigate through different platforms or services to catch their favourite wrestling shows.

Instead, they can look forward to streaming SmackDown directly on Netflix, enjoying the convenience and quality that the platform is known for.

This transition to Netflix also implies that WWE content, including SmackDown, will be more accessible than ever, potentially attracting a new audience while retaining its loyal fan base.

Implications for WWE SmackDown Viewing in the UK on Netflix

This transition to Netflix marks the first time since the 1980s that WWE content will not be available on linear TV in the United Kingdom.

The move away from traditional broadcasting to a streaming-first approach reflects the changing landscape of media consumption globally.

For UK fans, it means uninterrupted access to WWE content without the need for cable subscriptions or navigating through different broadcasters.

The convenience of having all WWE content, including SmackDown, in one place, is a significant advantage that Netflix offers.


  • Will SmackDown be available on Netflix UK?
    • Yes, SmackDown will be available on Netflix UK starting from January 2025.
  • What other WWE content will be on Netflix?
    • Alongside SmackDown, Netflix will host Monday Night Raw, NXT, WWE premium live events, documentaries, original series, and upcoming projects.
  • Does this mean the WWE Network is ending in the UK?
    • Yes, the deal with Netflix marks the end of the WWE Network in the UK as it currently exists.
  • Will I need a separate subscription to watch WWE content on Netflix?
    • No, all WWE content, including SmackDown, will be available as part of the standard Netflix subscription.
  • What happens to WWE content on linear TV in the UK?
    • With the move to Netflix, WWE content will no longer be available on linear TV in the UK, marking a significant shift to digital streaming.
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