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Alexa Bliss Reacts To Embarrassing Photo Shoot Blunder

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WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss recently took to social media to react to an old pre-WWE image. Bliss posted an old image from her days modelling, saying that there was an embarrassing blunder straight after the photo was taken.

“Throwback to before WWE” the former SmackDown and RAW Women’s Champion wrote on Instagram. “[I was] 21/22 maybe?. When I was in shape & did photo shoots” Bliss continued. “Also fell down those stairs immediately after shot was taken” Bliss added, admitting a blunder.

Alexa Bliss is of course portraying a very different character in 2021 than she did in her early days of WWE. Bliss was originally a babyface character, playing someone who had more of a ‘Disney-fan’ vibe. It wasn’t until her alliance with Buddy Murphy in NXT that she would bring out her heel persona.

Fast forward to now, and Alexa Bliss is even further beyond the original character, now acting as a part of The Fiend’s story arc.

You can check out the image and comments from Alexa Bliss below:

Alexa Bliss

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