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Bea Priestley Reportedly Signing with WWE/NXT UK

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It has been reported that STARDOM performer Bea Priestley will be joining WWE in the coming months. Priestley worked as part of the Yokohama Dream Cinderella event for STARDOM yesterday.

Priestley was challenging for the World of Stardom Title against Utami Hayashishita, and was unsuccessful. This would apparently be the final appearance for the performer in the top Japanese Women’s Wrestling promotion.

Dave Meltzer confirmed on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that Bea Priestley was now done with the company. Meltzer noted that Priestley has not re-signed with STARDOM, and has not signed for New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Bea Priestley To WWE?

Priestley was part of the angle with Will Ospreay’s United Empire up until recently. In a controversial angle, Ospreay attacked his real life partner with an OsCutter, leading her to leave the storyline and NJPW programming.

With Priestley leaving STARDOM, she has been linked to WWE’s NXT UK promotion. Meltzer noted that she was not going to be re-signing with AEW; Priestley left All Elite last year during the summer.

The ‘belief’ right now is that Priestley will be signing with WWE. As mentioned, she will likely be going to the NXT UK brand, this however has not been set in stone. Meltzer finished by noting that WWE had been attempting to sign Bea Priestley even before she went to Japan.

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