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Big E Reveals Who Came Up With His Most Dangerous Move

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WWE Superstar Big E recently spoke about his moveset on The New Day: Feel The Power podcast. The former Intercontinental Champion revealed on the podcast who actually came up with his Apron Spear move.

The Apron Spear has been a bone of contention for many fans ever since the World Title prospect began using it in his offense. Big E looks like he is going to really hurt himself at some point doing it, and he revealed that Fit Finlay actually came up with the idea.

‘The apron spear came from Fit Finlay” Big E revealed. “I always hated when people would hit the post on the spear in the corner. When do people ever hit that?”

Big E on Apron Spear

“I thought, ’˜I’ll be the guy who actually does hit a running shoulder attack in the corner” Big E continued. “Fit is like, ’˜Why don’t you just do that while your opponent is on the apron?’”

“I was like, ’˜What?’ At the time, I didn’t have much stuff in my offense, so I figured I’d give it a shot” Big E revealed. “All you people complaining about me almost killing myself, blame Fit Finlay.’

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