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Bully Ray – “If Goldberg Returns, It Has To Make Storyline Sense”

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WWE Hall of Famer and co-host of SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio Bully Ray recently discussed the Royal Rumble return of Goldberg. The former WCW Champion faced Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship at the show and was unsuccessful in a very short, but explosive match.

“If that was the last we’ve seen of Bill? Go walk off into the sunset, go ahead and enjoy your time away” Bully Ray began on Busted Open. “In order for Bill to ever come back? It would have to make the absolute right sense, not just the plug and play thing.”

Bully Ray then discussed how he believes Goldberg should only be used in specific storyline scenarios. The match between McIntyre and Goldberg felt somewhat thrown together, and Ray feels that this can no longer be the case going forward.

Bully Ray on Goldberg

“Not like, ‘well we need a name who can we get, Goldberg?’ No. The only way it should be Goldberg [is if it makes storyline sense]. That’s why I bring up the Matt Riddle thing, because that was a very real life scenario. They obviously have a little bit of a animosity towards each other, so if they were able to get them to do business in some way shape or form? Then I’m all for it.”

“Bill’s losing a little bit of size, I think you saw that at the Rumble” Bully Ray continued. “The Cannonball shoulders, they’re not as prominent as they were. I’m sure he can still go on the mat, but I think, especially from what I’ve seen from Riddle’s work recently, it’s about being able to hang with a certain level of physicality. I think Riddle would get the best of Goldberg on the mat, so if there’s a story there? Maybe. But if they just had them tear into each other that game that might not bode well!”

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