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Chelsea Green Addresses Backlash Online Over Artist Credit

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Former WWE Superstar Chelsea Green recently issued a statement regarding the online backlash she has received recently. An independent artist created promo material for her which she used, he asked for permission and then allegedly Green blocked him on social media.

The situation has now been resolved, and Green issued the following statement.

‘It’s super unfortunate how this has been handled” Chelsea Green wrote. “I think artists deserve credit. Period. After reading some of the nasty tweets, I didn’t feel reposting the art was something that I should do as clearly the artists view of me had soured.”

Chelsea Green on Backlash

“I support my artists, I pay my artists” Green continued. “I have been doing that since I started on the independent scene because I myself was a starving artist & I know the struggle.”

“It’s really sad that an oversight on my part has lead to this” Green concluded. “But I wish the artist luck and I think it’s best that I stick to the artists who I have used in the past and who know the person I am.’

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