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Chris Jericho – ” Sting and Matt Hardy Were Shocked at AEW Creative Freedom”

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AEW star, ‘Le Champion’ and #1 contender for the AEW Tag Team Titles Chris Jericho welcomed AEW President Tony Khan on this week’s episode of Talk Is Jericho.

Khan discussed a number of topics during the podcast, including the AEW creative process and how changes have had to be made throughout the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Chris Jericho would also bring up the creative stance in AEW, saying that people who have moved over from WWE were shocked at first by the freedom they have in All Elite.

“Something though that you don’t get in WWE, and I’m not saying this badly, because it’s just the way it is there” Chris Jericho began on the podcast. “But the creative freedom [in AEW]? I think it’s something that…everybody who comes from there to here, and I had the New Japan buffer which was kind of leading me to like ‘wow this is actually possible,’ but if you look at Mox, Hagar or Brodie? Even Miro, Sting or FTR, people who come from that world? You’re almost forced to think more for yourself and collaborate more, rather than having stuff given to you.”

Chris Jericho on Matt Hardy and Sting

“I think at first? There’s a little bit of shock” Jericho continued. “Matt Hardy [for example], said ‘like I can really just come up with my own sh*t?’ Like ‘yeah, do it!’ And I think Sting is starting to feel that, like ‘wow like I can actually call him a hoodlum and smash a window and I don’t have to ask permission!?’ Because this is the right thing to do.”

Chris Jericho would then finish by praising Tony Khan for coming up with creative ideas and for allowing the talent to shine where possible “You’re very open to ideas” Jericho stated. “There’s a few ideas that you don’t like, but most of the stuff that I’ve come up with [you’ve liked]. A lot of it has been ‘out there,’ from a dance scene to frickin Mimosa Mayhem. You go with it, which to me is a really big deal because a lot of guys your position don’t do that.”

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