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Corey Graves Talks WWE Focusing ‘Less’ on Characters

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WWE commentator and host of the After The Bell podcast Corey Graves recently gave his take on the lack of focus on characters in WWE in recent times. The former NXT Superstar said that there’s not as much focus during the weekly television shows as there used to be.

‘The one way that the industry has changed as a whole is I feel like there’s a lot less focus on characters these days” Graves began. “Right, wrong, or indifferent, everybody’s got their flavor of ice cream, what they prefer, I always missed and loved being invested in the characters we see on RAW and on SmackDown and on NXT.”

“I’ve said I would like to see more character pieces” Graves continued. “However, it’s almost more of an incentive to subscribe to WWE Network on Peacock to really dive into these specials, whether it be WWE 24 or Chronicles, to really get to know the person behind what you see on screen for a fraction of the show.”

Corey Graves on WWE Documentaries

‘There are so many awesome documentaries that our teams put together about all the superstars and beyond the superstars, the behind the scenes of some of the WrestleManias” Corey Graves added.

“I honestly don’t think our documentary department gets enough love because what they put out, almost on a weekly basis at this point, is such an important, valuable companion to what we’re seeing on RAW and SmackDown” Graves noted.

“I would like to see more character driven content in the shows themselves” Graves concluded. “But now you just have to look a little bit further and expand it.’

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