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Daniel Bryan Names His Favourite WWE Match Ever

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WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan recently spoke to Robbie Fox on My Mom’s Basement. The ‘Leader of The YES Movement’ discussed a number of topics during the interview, including the reveal of his favourite ever WWE match.

“My favorite match in my WWE career is my match with Kofi at WrestleMania 35,” Bryan began on the show. “It’s so special and such a cool moment. One of the things that I love is it’s Kofi winning at the end.”

“WrestleMania 30, my shoulder is horrible, I hurt my neck, I have this horrible pain down my arm and I have to get up and do media the next morning” Bryan continued. “Everyone comes up to you and are like ‘congratulations.’ There’s a lot of responsibility.”

Daniel Bryan on Favourite WWE Match

“When I wrestled Kofi, everyone goes to Kofi and says congratulations to him. I get to have my moment with him and be like ‘Hey man, thanks. That was awesome'” Bryan added. “Then, I get to hug my wife and daughter and go home the next day. Kofi is the one who has to do media and deal with people congratulating him.”

Bryan also discussed why his match with Brock Lesnar means so much to him. “I love my match with Brock Lesnar. It’s cool because I just turned heel and I was like, ‘I finally get to wrestle Brock Lesnar and it’s as a bad guy.'”

“One of the things I’m very proud of is I went out to boos, got them to cheer me by the end, and when I left they still boo’d me” Bryan continued. “Wrestling Brock gave me a deep-seated appreciation for how great Brock is. The other stuff, it’s hard to narrow down.”

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