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Edge – “I Didn’t Come Back To Do a Greatest Hits Tour”

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WWE Superstar and winner of the Men’s Royal Rumble this past Sunday Edge recently spoke to CBS Sports. The Rated R Superstar discussed a number of topics during the interview, including why he chose to return to WWE.

“I didn’t come back to just do a greatest hits tour,” Edge stated during the interview. “That’s not why I came back. I didn’t just want to do regurgitated greatest hits, I wanted to come back because I wanted to tell compelling stories. I wanted to get in with a lot of talent so that ’¦ if I could impart wisdom from 29 years of doing this, in terms of trying to tell a story, that’s really exciting for me.”

“I love so much of this talent” Edge continued. “It’s exciting to be able to get in with them. Did I necessarily know that I was going to try to work toward WrestleMania? No. A lot of those things are out of your hands. I did know I was going to put the work in to be able to do it if called upon. That’s part of my responsibility in coming back, as well.”

Edge on Younger Superstars

Edge then named some WWE Superstars that he would like to throw down in the ring with. “I’ve never laid hands on so many of these guys,” Edge said. “I scratched the surface with AJ Styles and Seth Rollins just because of Rumbles. To me, both of those matches have to happen. They just have to. Last night, for the first time, I felt what Cesaro brings, and Matt Riddle. You go up and down the roster and think, ’˜Oh man, what I could do with that guy.’”

“Ricochet and [Mustafa] Ali and Sami [Zayn] and all of these guys I’ve never had a chance to get in there with” Edge continued. “That’s really exciting for me. That almost makes me feel young ’” maybe not after the match, but before and during. It’s just super exciting. It really is, and it’s all stuff that isn’t supposed to be happening. I am going to enjoy all of this.”

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