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Eric Bischoff Comments on WWE ‘Trash Bag’ Incident

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Former WWE Superstar Mickie James was released from the company just over a week ago. In what has now become a story in itself, James had her belongings sent to her in a ’˜trash bag,’ causing the multiple time Women’s Champion to tweet her disgust at Vince McMahon and the company as a whole.

Former WCW President and WWE Executive Director of SmackDown Eric Bischoff discussed the situation on the 83 Weeks podcast. Easy E said that working in Talent Relations is a difficult role, but he wasn’t defending what had happened to Mickie James and other talents in the past.

‘I’m not defending anybody in the talent relations position previously, now or in the future, but that job sucks,’ Bischoff began on the AdFreeShows Network. ‘You are going to be in a crossfire 24 hours a day.”

Eric Bischoff on WWE Talent Relations

“On a good day, if you’re surrounded by 100 people, you’re probably going to piss off 50% of them” Bischoff continued. “And you’ll make the other 50% of them happy. It’s a tough tough gig, I don’t envy it.’

‘Obviously Jim [Ross] could speak volumes and probably has and will in the future and reference his time in talent relations Bischoff added. “But you’re stuck between Vince McMahon, budgets, all the departments.”

“Plus all of the people that want access to talent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week” Bischoff concluded. “And then you have to keep talent happy too. I don’t envy anybody that’s ever been in that job or ever will be.’

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