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Eric Bischoff Talks Why TNA Changed Their Name To IMPACT Wrestling

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Former WCW President and Executive Director of SmackDown Eric Bischoff recently discussed his former workplace, IMPACT Wrestling, on the 83 Weeks podcast.

Bischoff discussed how the name of the company was changed from TNA to IMPACT, citing how the TNA name was ‘juvenile.’ Bischof also said that the television company Spike were desperate to change the tone of the product in terms of imaging and branding.

‘It was time” Eric Bischoff began on 83 Weeks. “Fortunately the people who were paying for the show; that being Viacom through their cable outlet Spike, said ‘enough, pump the f***ing brakes’’

‘’We’re paying the freight not only for this show but for a large part of the high profile talent within the show as a separate budget item'” Bischoff continued. “Outside of the television licensing agreement, Spike was funding a lot of the big name contracts Dixie brought in from WWE before I got there.”

Eric Bischoff on TNA/Dixie Carter

Bischoff then revealed exactly who Spike were paying for on the TNA roster. “Mick Foley, Booker T, Sting, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and whoever. Those people came in, not all of them; but a good part of the expensive ones were founded by Spike” Bischoff claimed.

‘Finally, Spike pumped the brakes and said ‘sorry, if we’re going to continue with this show and try to sell it, we have to rebrand it'” Bischoff noted. “It was a tough battle. There was a lot of push back internally, mostly from the people who didn’t have anything to do with running the business on a day to day basis from Texas; that being Panda Energy.”

“Mommy and Daddy, mostly mommy, didn’t want to spend the money so Spike did!” Bischoff continued, slating Dixie Carter’s parents. “Spike paid for the rebranding, Spike paid for the research, these are things the company should have been doing for themselves but they didn’t and wouldn’t so Spike said ‘alright if you won’t, we will.’’

credit to WrestlingINC for the transcription

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