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Jim Ross Talks Scott Hall’s ‘Demons,’ Asks Why He Isn’t Working In Creative

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WWE Hall of Famer and AEW commentator Jim ‘JR’ Ross recently discussed Scott Hall on his Grilling JR podcast. This week’s episode of the show was a Q&A show, available via or Stitcher, Apple Podcasts and PlayerFm.

One of the questions posed to JR involved the former Razor Ramon. Jim Ross was asked if he believed Scott Hall could’ve been a World Champion in WCW or WWE if not for his drug and alcohol issues.

‘Oh yeah, absolutely’ JR would begin. ‘Scott’s personal demons are the only negative on his checklist. He had a great mind, still does. Various abilities, as in the machinations of producing and creating a wrestling character angle or storyline? He can work with these very well.’

Jim Ross on Scott Hall

‘The only thing that held Scott back? It was reliability” JR would continue. “He was such a prisoner to the drugs and the booze. He had a hard time getting past that element. That became his identity at certain points of his career; which is totally unfortunate because he was a hell of a hand in the ring. Really, really good, and he had a great mind.’

JR would finish by asking how Scott Hall has not been snapped up by a promotion to work in creative.  ‘I’m surprised that, of course just may be his own just his decision, but I’m surprised somebody hasn’t nabbed him up and and got storylines [from him] or [worked with him] in a creative capacity. Because I think he’s that good.’

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