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John Cena Calls WWE Superstar The ‘Hardest Worker’ He Knows

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Former WWE Superstar and sure-fire Hall of Famer John Cena recently took to Twitter to praise The Miz. After Cena watched the WWE 24 documentary on the former WWE Champion, he said that The Miz was the ‘hardest worker’ that he knows.

“WATCH THIS NOW” Cena began on Twitter, referring to the acclaimed WWE 24 documentary on The Miz. “@mikethemiz IS the definition of both passion and perseverance.”

“Underrated only in the eyes of ignorance” John Cena continued. “THE hardest worker I know. An inspiration to me and proof that REAL success takes earning every inch. Awesome does NOT do you justice. #Respect.”

John Cena on The Miz

John Cena and The Miz of course collided in the main event of WrestleMania 27. Unfortunately, that match is regarded as one of the worst ‘Mania main events in history; this wasn’t exactly Miz’s fault, as he suffered a concussion during the match.

The biggest issue with that WWE Championship match however was the involvement of The Rock. Fans knew that Dwayne Johnson was at ‘Mania as he was the ‘host’ of the show; Rock and Cena had been going back and forth in the weeks preceding the event and The Miz was left as a bit of a third wheel in the situation.

The WWE 24 documentary is well worth a look, with The Miz discussing the match and the times he was made to change outside of the locker room.

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