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John Cena Talks The Firefly Funhouse Match from WrestleMania 36

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WWE Superstar and sure-fire WWE Hall of Famer John Cena recently spoke to Nick Harley from Den of Geek. Cena answered a number of questions during the interview, including one around the Firefly Funhouse match that he was part of from WrestleMania 36.

That unique ‘match’ saw John Cena enter The Fiend’s Firefly Funhouse and seemingly go into a different ‘realm.’

“The Funhouse match was something I hold very close to me” John Cena began. “Maybe that’s another 45-minute interview for another day, because that was kind of thrown in my lap at the last minute.”

John Cena on Firefly Funhouse

“And I remember specifically asking what a Firefly Funhouse match was. And the answer was literally, ‘we don’t know'” Cena continued. “And in most performers that would cause panic, but I was just riveted by the open field that we could possibly create something special.”

“And like you said, it took a lot of brave folks and a lot of hard work to make something that hopefully the audience understood” Cena added. “And at least if it reached one, we reached you and that’s good.”

“I’m sure in your critical television articles, I’ve been on the wrong end of an ass-kicking many times from you and that I totally understand, but I’m glad we at least got something you enjoy,” John Cena concluded.

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