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Kurt Angle Reveals His Pick For Greatest Pro Wrestler of All Time

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WWE Hall of Famer and TNA legend Kurt Angle recently gave his pick for the greatest pro wrestler of all time. Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show podcast, Angle said that Bret Hart is his personal pick for the best ever to grace the squared circle.

‘It is Bret Hart because I believe that he’s the greatest wrestler of all time,’ Angle began on the show. ‘I believe that with his in-ring performance, there’s nobody better. I would say Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit are close, even myself, but I still put Bret up there [on top].

‘Don’t get me wrong, a Ric Flair needs to be up there too because he’s the man” Kurt Angle continued. “Ric was a great wrestler and could get people interested in the psychology of the match, but he was also very entertaining.”

Kurt Angle on Ric Flair

“He took a lot of crazy Ric Flair bumps, you knew what he was going to do and you wanted him to do it” Angle continued. “Bret Hart was just the best overall technician I have ever seen in my life.’

Angle finished by confirming that he contacted Hart to do a match at WrestleMania 18. ‘I did contact Bret,’ Angle said. ‘I called him and said ’˜Hey, I want to wrestle you at WrestleMania, I think it would be a dream match. You won’t have to do any of the work, I’ll do all the bumping and selling.’”

“He immediately said no” Angle revealed. “I understand now [why he said that], later on in my career, I started losing a step and I didn’t like what I saw.”

credit to WrestlingINC for the transcription

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