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Kurt Angle Reveals Who Told Him NOT To Go To WCW

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WWE Hall of Famer and Olympic Gold Medallist Kurt Angle recently discussed his beginnings in pro wrestling back in 1998. Following his win in the 1996 Olympics, Angle chose to not sign straight away with WWE (then WWF at the time), despite getting a big monetary offer.

At the time, Angle was not interested in joining the pro wrestling industry, but his opinion on the situation changed just a couple of years later.

Speaking on The Kurt Angle podcast, the former TNA Champion said that he had considered going to WCW back in 1998. WWF and WCW were embroiled in the Monday Night Wars at the time and Angle wasn’t sure what side to eventually chose.

Kurt Angle on WCW vs WWF

‘Somebody called me and said ’˜Hey, if you want advice, call Ric Flair,’’ Angle began. ‘So I called Ric Flair, we started talking about wrestling. I said ’˜would it be smart to go to WCW?’”

“He said ’˜Hell no. No way, you go to WWE, Vince will take care of you'” Angle continued. “‘Don’t come to WCW, they’re going to bury you.’”

‘Ric was working for WCW at the time” Angle noted. “So I thought he either doesn’t want me to take his spot or he’s being honest and I think he was being honest.”

credit The Kurt Angle Show and a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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