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Kyle O’Reilly Talks Shawn Michaels’ Influence on Adam Cole Feud

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WWE NXT Superstar Kyle O’Reilly recently appeared on X-Pac’s Pro Wrestling 4 Life podcast. The former Undisputed Era member discussed a number of topics during the show, including the influence of Shawn Michaels on his recent feud with Adam Cole.

‘He (HBK) definitely had a huge role to play” Kyle O’Reilly noted on the podcast. “Our actual producer was Terry Taylor. Shawn and Hunter both are so hands-on with pretty much everything we’re doing.”

“They’re basically producing it anyways with a ton of help and suggestions” O’Reilly continued. “And their insight is always so creative and so helpful. This is amazing. I’m getting input from Shawn Michaels about what to do in my match. It’s crazy.”

Kyle O’Reilly on Shawn Michaels

‘I learned so much from Terry Taylor. You would not believe it,’ Waltman himself added, discussing how the actual producer of their latest match helped. ‘He was the first guy that I worked with on the road on my first set of house shows. He was incredible man.’

‘He’s a great mind,’ O’Reilly agreed regarding Taylor. ‘He really cares about the integrity of the business. He wants it to look as believable and as well done as possible, so you can’t take that away from him at all.’

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