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Mickie James Talks Frustration and ‘Ageism’ in WWE Creative

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Former WWE Superstar Mickie James was released from the company just over a week ago. In what has now become a story in itself, James had her belongings sent to her in a ‘trash bag,’ causing the multiple time Women’s Champion to tweet her disgust at Vince McMahon and the company as a whole.

Appearing on GAW TV, Mickie James talked about how she hated being portrayed as ‘old’ whilst in WWE; even though she is only 41 years old and many Champions in the company have been far older in recent years and portrayed in a different way.

‘I think the small-minded mentality sometimes leads to thoughtless behavior,’ Mickie began on the channel. ‘Especially for me, to constantly be presented as old, when I’m 41 and every single male champion has always been my same age or older and has been glorified for those reasons.”

Mickie James on Ageism

“As they should be, they’re f***king amazing” James continued. “But, why is it different for women? Or why is it different for me? Ageism is a real thing and it’s bulls***.”

‘I’m truly grateful for the strides that we [as women] have made” Mickie James noted. “And to be seen as more equal. But it’s simply not true for every single person. Sometimes, that’s unfortunate.”

“I don’t know why I was made to feel like I didn’t deserve [the same treatment]” James concluded. “Because I did everything in my power to be a company girl, and for some reason I was made to feel like I didn’t deserve it.”

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