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Mickie James Talks Nixed WWE Angle with Chelsea Green

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Former WWE Superstar and Women’s wrestling legend Mickie James recently appeared on Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette. The former Women’s Champion discussed a number of topics on the show, including an angle that WWE nixed where she would’ve feuded with Chelsea Green.

James said that the story between her and the other released WWE Superstar was all ready to go until WWE scrapped it. This forced the pair to try and salvage the storyline via social media.

‘That would’ve been fun,’ James said on the podcast. ‘We started actually doing that on Twitter after the fact. I really didn’t think it was going to happen at that point because they had already pulled it. Because we shot the stuff and everything for it and for whatever reason it just never got approved prior to us even going out there and having the match.”

Mickie James on Chelsea Green Feud

‘I don’t really know what happened” Mickie James continued. “Never have I ever had something like that happen, except for the one time where I debuted with CM Punk on Sunday Night Heat and that match got pulled from the episode.”

“That was the only other time. I was like ’˜this is wild, I can’t believe we just went out there and wrestled and did all this stuff, and now we’re not doing it? I don’t understand’” James added.

“That was supposed to be my comeback or whatever” James claimed. “That was part of my comeback from my injury and stuff. I was like ’˜oh this will actually be really cool. And it’s a cool way to flip the script, do it differently but then hopefully build Chelsea up and do something. And maybe she even retires me or whatever.’”

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